Better data faster…

This is the mantra that drives our tech team. Whether that's to improve our customers experiences, how our teams communicate or supplying our clients with MI that truly makes a difference.

Customer experience

Customer experience is at the heart of our tech vision. We work with our teams and partners to drive non-stop innovation and use market analysis to ensure we’re at the forefront of change. Utilising the latest Payment technology to deliver exceptionally faster, safe and secure transactions.  

Operational efficiency

Our connected systems ensure data integrity and deliver process improvement to support operational efficiency, ensuring our people spend more time front of house and engaging with clients.

Better data, faster

Our Better Data, Faster Strategy supports our business decision making and operational efficiency, it provides data visibility to all levels in CH&CO from all major systems in a timely easy to use dashboard. 

Secure & Robust

Our clients and customers need to feel reassured that our tech is robust and secure. With the number of Cyber Security incidents increasing every day we need to leave no doubt that our infrastructure, processes and procedures are there to safeguard our business.