Learning &

We’re all about providing opportunities for our people…

...no matter their role, to grow within our business.

Career Pathways

Some of our people may follow a vertical career path within one field, while others may change fields or move laterally or cross functionally to move to a different type of job or role within our business to achieve career or personal goals. We’re here to support that journey and to provide the opportunity to grow. 


Our Apprenticeship Academy provides a unique environment for our people to come together, learn, have fun and collaborate. When you complete an apprenticeship with CH&CO, our partner team of specialists use their experience and wealth of knowledge to support you and our teams through every point of the apprenticeship journey. It doesn’t matter where in the UK you are, or how advanced you are in your career, we could have an apprenticeship for you.

CH&CO group learning objectives

Our learning opportunities are for all our people, from apprenticeships to directors and everything in between. Our objective starts and ends with ‘wherever you work, whatever you do we’ll provide you with the chance to learn and grow’.

Learning Pillars

Our learning pillars help structure our learning & development opportunities, making sure we remain focussed on our objectives. Our pillars of learning are: ‘brilliant basics – set to succeed’, ‘developing skills – delivering the best we can’, ‘bespoke to you – recognising differing needs’ and developing leaders – enabling leaders to grow within’.