Our portfolio of venues is both steeped in history…

...and at the forefront of contemporary thinking..

We’re more than just a company of cooks...

We’re in every detail of an event, restaurant, café or bar. From artisanal snacks to memorable menus From intuitive branding to fluid service. From handpicked wines to stylish layout design.

We’re proud to work at some of the UK’s most majestic and ancient venues. Beautiful inspiring landmarks that are beacons of British culture and excellence. Along with hidden treasures full of traditions and unexpected grandeur and delight.

Everything is overseen by our master team of chefs, wine experts, marketers, designers and strategists. Everything has to be just right. Getting to know you and your audience gives our team the power to craft moments and memories that last.

But we don’t take ourselves too seriously, because we know that what matters is giving visitors a good time, again and again.


eve connects you to a world of iconic Venues and extraordinairy events and is exclusive to Venues by CH&CO. To learn more about how eve could help your Venue reach its potential or if you’re looking to book an event with us then let eve lead the way.