We’ve been feeding pupils across the country for over 20 years and we are a proud member of the CH&CO family.


We are inquisitive, we are motivated, and we want to challenge the perception of school dining. Our focus isn’t school food, it’s great food that captures our customers’ imagination and just happens to be eaten at school.

Inspiring a lifelong love of food

We create informative, inspiring and interactive food experiences to engage pupils, teachers and parents in what great food is about: taste, health, wellbeing and caring for our planet.

Making every mouthful count

“Eating the right food supports learning and energises the classroom. In an age where nutrition is increasingly championed, and intake meticulously measured, good food is like Maths: everything should add up.”            

Deborah Homshaw, Managing Director

From the Kitchen

Find out what our Chef’s, pupils and our resident nutritionist Amanda Ursell are up to in the latest edition of our newsletter – From the Kitchen.

The Education Board

The CH&CO Education Board is a collaboration of foodservice, nutrition, education, healthcare and sustainability experts who believe that creating good relationships with food in young people through education will have a positive impact on their wellbeing and those of future generations.

Back to School

We’re delighted to be back at school and sharing our passion for food with our pupils.