Gather & Gather are riding the 5th coffee wave, which involves exclusively partnering with the best in the industry to help us deliver speciality coffee, at scale.



Gather and Gather ’ exclusive, responsibly sourced, Fairtrade, dark roast coffee.

More than just paying a fair price, Union Direct Trade means they work in partnership with farmers to improve both quality of coffee and livelihoods, long term.



At Jericho coffee traders we believe in sourcing high quality green beans whilst supporting sustainable business models in the industry, from the farmers to the cup. We care hugely that both our staff and our customers are happy.

A priority for us is reducing waste. We want to give you a great coffee in a cup that you can reuse another time. Both in our cafe and our roastery we are phasing out single use products wherever we can, and using biodegradable and recyclable products to reduce our footprint. Jericho is exclusively available at The Avo Café on Headington Campus

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