The Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) is a not-for-profit
member organisation for food service businesses that believes the
problems facing our food system are complex and urgent

They believe that every meal served out of home should not only taste good but do good too.
By providing consultancy, training and industry-leading benchmarking to the food service sector,
the SRA helps make that happen. The SRA works with progressive businesses that see this
opportunity to do more than just feed. The sustainable business rating is based on 10 key areas
that consider society, sourcing and environmental practices.


“We’re very proud to have been awarded three stars by the SRA; it’s an incredible achievement
and testament to our hard work so far. This is just the beginning of our long-term commitment.
Sustainability is a complex ever-changing area and there will always be room for improvement.
By working in partnership with the SRA, we’ll continue to shape our policies in line with the latest
developments and challenges to make positive changes. There is no quick fix when it comes to
sustainability but we’re committed for the sake of our planet and future generations.”
Terry Waldron, COO, CH&CO