COVID-19 Risk assessments, safe operating policies and reopening requirements


Due to the nature of our business and number of sites in which we operate, it’s not possible to provide risk assessments and policies for each individual site. However, within the Government guidelines for this requirement, we have outlined the process that we will undertake for the reopening of each site or office.


We have also provided our people and clients with our reopening documentation which informs everyone as to how we will reopen our catering facilities and venues or restart our services as well as how things will be managed moving forward.


All our documentation including online forms and declarations that need to be completed are available via our intranet including:


  • Covid-19 HSE Documentation
  • Mandatory Government Posters
  • Online forms and declarations
  • COSHH information
  • HSE Signage and screening
  • IT & Technology information including preordering / payment applications
  • Food information including menu cyclesand standard operating practices
  • Marketing and promotions including physical distancing printed and digital signage
  • Financial information
  • HSE Monthly audit requirements


Specific documentation and requirements  


Coronavirus COVID-19 Safe Operating Procedure

Provides guidance on controls to maintain a safe working environment for all team members and customers linking back to our Food Safety & Health and Safety Management Systems

  • All managers will review this procedure and train all relevant team members


CH&CO COVID-19 Risk Assessment – Offices / Site  / Cleaning Services / Education Sector

Provides the risk assessments that are required to be completed for all offices, working areas used by CH&CO and Sites. The risk assessments detail the standard controls that should be in place and associated advice/guidance.

  • All managers will complete the relevant risk assessment(s) by reviewing the controls and confirming they are complied with, detailing where there are additional or amended controls
  • All managers will identify any additional controls requiredas well as review the ‘controlled Likelihood and Severity Rating’, and ‘associated Likelihood Score’


COVID-19 Fitness and Return to Work Procedures

Provides guidance and requirements for the fitness and return to work process adjusted for COVID-19. The Fitness to Work Assessment and Return to Work Assessment forms are included in the Appendixes.

  • All managers will review the procedure and train the requirements to team members
  • Every person returning to work will complete the Fitness to Work Assessmentfor each team as the business re-opens and the Return to Work Assessment for any team member who returns to work following symptoms associated with COVID-19
  • All managers will check as part of our normal Daily Briefing Proceduresthat there have been no changes to the health status of anyone working that day


Coronavirus (COVID-19) PPE SSOW

Provides the safe system of work for Personal Protective Equipment in relation to COVID-19, covering disposable gloves and face coverings /masks

  • All managers will review this procedure and train all relevant team members


Mandatory Government Poster

This will be displayed in the entrance to all offices and catering areas


Audit checks

Provides the safe system and audit trail to ensure each site or office adheres to the requirements as outlined by the government.



If additional support or advice is required regarding local site arrangements, controls or completing the documentation, our teams can contact our 24/7 HSE Team.