CH&CO Group is fully committed to ensuring that all its waste is disposed of in compliance with the Food Safety Policy, Planet Matters CSR Policy and current Waste Regulations.

Our business activities produce the following types of waste streams:

  • Waste food i.e. customer leftovers, buffet food, unsold food, food past its shelf-life date and waste cooking oil
  • Used packaging i.e. cardboard, supplier packaging material, Grab & Go sandwich and salad boxes, plastic dessert pots, drinks cups, aluminium cans, plastic water bottles and empty plastic chemical bottles
  • Waste water i.e. used to wash fruit and vegetables, to prepare and cook foods, to wash pots, dishes and crockery, to wash hands, and water used to flush toilets
  • Waste paper i.e. from office printing and blue catering paper

The aims of the Company’s waste management policy are based on the following principles, which are in the order of preference priority:

1. Reduction

Reducing waste helps conserve natural resources and energy. Waste reduction means avoiding the generation of waste by using less material, using supplies and equipment more efficiently and buying products that are more durable, easily repairable or resuable.

2. Recycle

Where practical, buy products made from recyclable materials and recycle used materials to the correct waste streams to sustain the recyclable market i.e. aluminium cans, waste oil, coffee grounds.

3. Reuse

Where possible support and encourage others to reuse items before discarding, i.e. reuse of plastic bottles for water or use of crockery/’keep a cup’ schemes for coffee cups.

4. Risk Minimisation

Minimise the risks of immediate or future pollution or harm to human health. Further information is provided within our Integrated Management System.

All employees of the Company have a personal responsibility in the way that their conduct impacts on this policy and need to ensure they are fully aware of the approved disposal system used within their areas.

As a food business operator, CH&CO is responsible for ensuring that waste products are correctly and legally disposed of at each of our sites and offices. Site/Office Managers must, liaising with their clients where responsibility sits with the client organisation rather than CH&CO, ensure that their sites have suitable waste disposal measures, for example:

  • There are enough suitably located external bins provided for waste disposal use
  • Lids are provided to external bins to prevent spillage and scavenging by animals
  • Waste is protected from accidental spillage, leaking, being blown away or falling while being stored or transported
  • Waste is taken away only by a licensed contractor – the name of the contractor who removes waste from the site must be known, and file a copy of the contractor’s current licence or registration certificate kept on file.
  • A Waste Transfer Note must be completed to accompany the waste, which the site has produced when the waste contractor collects it
  • Waste is separated as required by the licensed waste contractor


Bill Toner - CEO
19th June 2020