Background information

Palm oil production is traditionally associated with deforestation and the consequent impact on biodiversity, climate change and other negative environmental impacts.

However, sustainable palm oil is produced in a manner which minimises environmental impact and meets strict criteria throughout the production process.

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) is the major international stakeholder body which defines these criteria. There are a number of supply chain options to demonstrate the use of 100% sustainable palm oil and therefore compliance, which are approved by the RSPO, including the purchase of RSPO Credits.

Palm oil pledge

CH&Co Group supports the use of sustainably sourced ingredients including the use of sustainably sourced palm oil and palm derivatives.

In CH&Co’s products, we will use sustainably sourced palm oil or palm derivatives where commercially and technically viable.

Palm oil policy

It is CH&Co’s policy that any palm oil or palm derivatives used in food products will be derived from sustainable sources or be covered by RSPO Credits, where commercially and technically viable.

Suppliers must be able to demonstrate that they have a recognised supply chain in place which complies with this policy.

CH&Co Group will encourage branded suppliers to support the use of sustainable palm and palm derivatives. As part of this, CH&Co will collect product information provided by suppliers for onward reporting to customers as required.