CH&CO Group is fully committed to ensuring the reduction of single use plastics in compliance with the Food Safety Policy, Planet Matters CSR Policy, Planet Matters Waste Management Policy and current waste regulations.

Our business activities produce the following types of single use plastics waste, such as:

  • Used packaging i.e. supplier packaging material, Grab & Go sandwich and salad boxes, plastic dessert pots, drinks cups, plastic water bottles, plastic straws and empty plastic chemical bottles.

The aims of the Company’s single use plastics policy, is based on the the 'Reduce and Reuse' principle:
Reduce plastic pollution & resource consumption by reducing the plastic waste generated by our business. Examples of this include, but not limited to:

  • Stop serving drinks with plastic straws
  • The offer of a straw only when a customer requests it
  • Remove straws from our bar and self service areas
  • The offer of paper straws or reusable straws as a sustainable alternative
  • The offer of refilling reusable water bottles for free
  • Where possible, sell drinks in alternative packaging, such as glass or compostable material
  • Encourage customers staying on site to use crockery and cutlery
  • Reduction in the serving of single use plastic sachets for condiments
  • Use of certified compostable single use items
  • Reduction in cost for ‘bring your own’ cups at coffee points
  • The introduction of disposable free Fridays – to encourage individual awareness and community spirit
  • Work with Clients on sustainable waste streams, such as compostable and biodegradeable
  • Work with Suppliers on reduction of unnecessary packaging – such as reusable crates
  • Education of our team members of each waste stream specific to site
  • Education of our team members to be efficient with workplace resources such as cling film

All employees of the Company have a personal responsibility in the way that they conduct their impacts of this policy and need to ensure they are fully aware of the reduction strategies mentioned in this policy.


Bill Toner - CEO
19th June 2020