This document sets out the CH&Co Group procurement policy in relation to the purchase of goods and services. It applies to all employees, contractors and supply partners.

The role of the purchasing function is to provide outstanding food, drink and services offerings to our customers & clients whilst ensuring we take a market leading position in all aspects of our roles, responsibilities and environments. Our detailed procurement policies are set out in a wide range of documents specific to particular procurement environments but in general we seek to secure, within our supply chain, goods and services from suppliers that enhance positive impacts on the industry, environment and society whilst meeting our broad range of business, client & customer requirements & expectations. By incorporating social, environmental and ethical considerations into procurement decisions we seek to make a positive contribution to the environment and the societies within which we operate.

CH&Co Group Procurement Commitments

  • to work collaboratively with suppliers and partners to enhance and improve all functional standards and to require suppliers to realise and deliver consistent high levels of these expectations;
  • to internally meet & exceed all detailed standards both legislatively & Group-wide
  • to have management systems in place to enable compliance with all aspects of this and other CH&Co Group procurement policies both within our operations and supply chain.
  • to communicate clearly, regularly & diligently on all expectations of this & all other Group procurement policies to all relevant employees and suppliers.
  • to act as an advocate, innovator and leader for responsible supply chain practises with our industry sector.
  • to protect the confidentiality of all information entrusted to us.