Non-Food Supplier Assurance

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (1999), in addition to broader H&S duties under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act (1974) require that all work undertaken by contractors and suppliers to CH & Co Group within facilities under their management is adequately risk assessed and managed to eliminate or significantly reduce the risk of injury to any persons as a result of its undertaking.

In order to meet these legal duties, CH & Co Group require all new and existing contractors and suppliers whom operate on and within their business premises to supply relevant due diligence to support that they meet relevant safety standard requirements of both the legislation that governs their specific work activities and the internal policies of CH & Co Group.

NSF International have been appointed to co-ordinate the supplier approval status management programme on behalf of CH & Co Group. NSF International is one of the leading technical service operators in the catering, foodservice and retail supply industry. The company operates across the food supply chain from farm production, through manufacturing/ processing to food service and grocery retailing.


Non-Food Supplier Approval Process

1. Suppliers are sent an online due diligence questionnaire to complete – the question set is designed to ensure suppliers are compliant with their legal obligations as businesses under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act (1974), Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (1999) and other relevant Regulations as well as contractual obligations of CH & Co such as possessing prescribed levels of insurance cover.

2. Completion of the questionnaires is expected within 14 days of issue. Returns will be monitored by NSF International and CH & Co Group notified of un-submitted questionnaires beyond their expiry date.

3. All contractors/suppliers to CH & Co Group, until they respond to their due diligence questionnaire, will be rated as ‘unqualified’ i.e. unapproved for supply and will remain within this status until a completed questionnaire is submitted.

4. Once completed, questionnaire responses will be risk rated by NSF International. Responses indicating compliance with legal duties and standards expected by CH & Co Group will result in a green rating awarded against the contractor/supplier. Reponses requiring further information will be awarded an amber status and those indicating potential non-compliance with legal duties and standards expected by CH & Co Group will result in a red rating.

5. The risk rating (red, amber, green, unqualified) is an indication of contractor/supplier compliance against legal duties and CH & Co Group policies, it will be used by CH & Co Group to make decisions regarding ongoing short-term and longer-term approval to supply.

6. Supplier responses will be valid for 12 months. Upon expiry, suppliers will be contacted by NSF International to undertake a new due diligence questionnaire for re-evaluation of their risk rating.