Food Supplier Assurance

Product and food safety are fundamental to CH&Co Group.

CH & Co Group requires all suppliers, including their third party partners, to adopt accredited inspection programmes. This approach is widely used within the food industry and is utilised to establish a database of invaluable information and confirm that food suppliers provide safe and legally compliant products along with robust technical systems.

It is a prerequisite of supplying CH & Co Group that all suppliers with food producing operations should be assessed against the British Retail Consortium Global Food Standard, ISO22000, SALSA, NSF International Due Diligence Audit Standard or a GFSI accredited equivalent standard, while food wholesalers should be inspected to the British Retail Consortium Global Storage & Distribution Standard or accredited equivalent. Achievement of a certificated level against the relevant standard will therefore become the minimum long-term requirement for approval to supply CH & Co Group. We believe this approach offers the following benefits:

  • Accredited assessments and inspections are conducted using recognised standards to ensure a consistent approach and eliminate conflicting inspection requirements.
  • Accredited assessments and inspections are now widely used and provide suppliers with the opportunity to have one inspection that meets the needs of several major purchasers.
  • Accredited assessments and inspections provide an invaluable confirmation of suppliers’ technical systems for the supply of safe, legally complaint, and wholesome products.

    NSF International have been appointed to co-ordinate the supplier approval status management programme on behalf of CH & Co Group. NSF International is one of the leading technical service operators in the catering, foodservice and retail supply industry. The company operates across the food supply chain from farm production, through manufacturing/ processing to food service and grocery retailing.


    Food Supplier Approval Process

    1. Suppliers are required to have an accredited assessment on or before the date when their next assessment is due in order to be approved for supply.

    2. Each site supplying must have an individual assessment or audit carried out for that site, hence full product and manufacturing site details must be provided in the enclosed form.

    3. All suppliers wishing to supply must have achieved a BRC Standard Grade B or above (or equivalent ISO, SALSA, NSF International Due Diligence Audit Standard or other GFSI accreditation). The achievement of accredited audit certification will be the target for all suppliers.

    4. Where a supplier achieves the accredited assessment standard covering all products supplied to CH & Co Group, the supplier will be ranked as a green supplier, and thereby approved for supply.

    5. Where a supplier’s achievement of the accredited standard lapses, renewal of approval to an accredited standard must be achieved within 3 months, during which time the supplier will be ranked

    as an amber supplier, and thereby given interim approval to continue supply. Where renewal is not achieved within three months the supplier will be ranked as a red supplier, and thereby unapproved for supply.

    6. Any new supplier will be ranked as an unqualified supplier and thereby unapproved for supply, until the appropriate approval standard or documentation is achieved.

    7. The same red, amber and green rankings as outlined above, will also apply to compliance with a recognised Due Diligence Standard (as applicable),


    The Green, Amber or Red approval status determined, plus a recommendation from NSF International, will be used by CH & Co Group to make decisions regarding ongoing short-term and longer-term approval to supply.