Ethical Sourcing

CH&Co Group are committed to maintaining an ethical and sustainable supply chain, developing partnership relationships with all our supply partners and being at the forefront of all new ethical developments and requirements in the industry. We want all our customers to be assured that what we produce and serve everyday comprises of high quality ingredients which have been sourced and produced in line with best ethical practices.

It is a requirement of all suppliers to the business that they are compliant with all applicable laws including the Bribery Act (2010).

CH&Co Group is staunchly committed to our social and environmental responsibilities. Which includes ensuring that our supply chains are free from slavery and human trafficking.

In everything we do we hold our supply chain accountable to deliver excellence in all ethical aspects of their sourcing.

Sustainable Sourcing

At CH&Co we expect require suppliers to handle animals in compliance with accepted husbandry practices, and that our supply chain only deals with producers who are also adhering to these standards. This includes but is not limited to the current EU and source country legislation.

In order that we can have confidence in these guiding principles we work closely and collaboratively with our suppliers, ensuring we have systems and traceability in place to underpin our commitments.

Within the business we have committed to a number of activities in recent years to reaffirm our commitments to improve our systems and the sustainability footprint of our business. These include;

  • Waste cooking oils are collected from all sites, in turn being refined and converted back into biofuels. This has a great reduction in CO2 emissions, and decreases the volume of refuse
  • Working closely with the Marine Conservation Society, we have removed all seafood products rated as 5 by their rating mechanism, and are working towards removing all rated 4. These species and their associated fishing methods are the least sustainable, and we actively seek more sustainable sources for all of our Seafood


Our processes and policies are continuously reviewed in order to develop our approach, and ensure that all of the Group’s activities are compliant and relevant in the current marketplace.