Our Group Mission

At CH&Co Group being a responsible corporate citizen is immensely important to us. As part of this ethos we actively work toward achieving a responsible environmental strategy that encompasses all aspects of our business and its stakeholders. Therefore, we have developed a detailed strategy to guide the business, ensuring that we are considerate to the environment within which we operate, the people with whom we engage, and the legacy our business operations will leave. This progamme is called Planet Matters

The “Planet Matters Programme”

As part of our planet matters programme we have an objective specifically for the environment and the footprint that we leave.

Examples of current objectives include:

1. To reduce the amount of non-recyclable disposable goods used by units

2. To actively work with our clients to encourage re-cycling and other green initiatives at local level

3. To work with CH&Co approved suppliers to encourage supply chain traceability and the procurement of sustainable and Fairtrade products

A full set of these objectives are set out in our CH&Co environmental management system, to which all our units adhere.

All new starters receive environmental training as part of our ‘discover’ training programme.

Our Carbon Footprint

The planet matters programme currently contains three key elements which carry responsibility when it comes to reducing our emissions. These are outlined below.

1. Car fleet – We have re-modelled of our car fleet programme to ensure that we are using vehicles that perform efficiently in relation to CO2 emmissions

2. Deliveries – We are actively working hard to reduce the number of deliveries per site per week to bring greater efficiency without compromising quality or service