CH&Co Catering Group Ltd is fully committed to conducting its business to minimise the effect on the environment.  It is committed to continually improving its energy performance through reducing its energy demand and increasing energy efficiency.

To enable the company to realise this commitment it aims to:

  1. Operate an Energy Management System which includes setting and monitoring objectives to address significant business energy impacts
  2. To reduce energy usage and CO2 emissions by continually improving energy performance through behavioural change
  3. To measure, monitor and report energy usage performance
  4. To raise staff awareness of energy usage through information, training and events
  5. To integrate an energy reduction ethos throughout the company
  6. To be legislatively compliant
  7. Work in partnership with its Clients and other key stakeholders to identify site specific common goals in energy conservation methods
  8. Periodically review energy usage to ensure continual improvements are made
  9. The company will ensure that there is sufficient availability of suitable resources to achieve effective energy management.

This policy is available to the public upon request.