CH&CO Group is fully committed to a Corporate Responsibility program which is genuine, practical and works in line with the ethos of our business. Our vision is to grow the business and ensure that all our operations are run in a way that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.

Our Planet Matters program is immensely important to us and we have developed a detailed strategy to guide the business, ensuring that we are considerate to the environment within which we operate, the people with whom we engage and the legacy our business practises will leave. In situations where we are not in control of all elements of the CR policy, for example, where we operate on client’s premises, we will advise and influence within the remit of our contract with that organisation.

Our Corporate Responsibility policy covers the following areas: Health & Wellbeing, People, Suppliers & Sourcing, Environment and Community. In addition, it is our policy to act in a socially responsible manner, taking into account relevant social and environmental factors and to promote this attitude across our business.

1. Health & Wellbeing

We look to lead the way in combining great food with improved nutrition for our customers and staff through healthy eating initiatives and raising the awareness of the value of good nutrition.

We support the Department of Health’s belief that public health is everyone’s responsibility and believe that this includes us as a business.

2. People

We are passionate about our people and provide first class development programmes, genuine career progression and excellent support for the mental and physical wellbeing of our staff. The Company encourages diversity and provides equal opportunities for all individuals who are employed or who may become employed anywhere within our business.

We are committed to the provision of safety training for all of our team members, in line with their duties, to allow them to effectively exercise their responsibility to CH&CO Group, their work colleagues, our customers and suppliers and to themselves in ensuring that a safe working environment is maintained at all times.

3. Suppliers & Sourcing

We work closely with our suppliers to create a fair and sustainable supply chain, building strong reciprocal and sustainable partnerships with our suppliers and producers. Our supplier selection criteria falls in line with our CR approach and by being selective, CH&CO Group is ensuring that this system is fair to our suppliers without compromising any of the high standards we set for the products we purchase.

4. Environment

We respect our environment and drive continual improvement across our business to reduce our environmental impact. We work in partnership with our clients and stakeholders to identify site specific common goals in reduction of waste, water and energy consumption and increase recycling where possible.

5. Community

We use our resources to provide support and give back to the wider community through fund raising for charities and management support. We believe in supporting local communities as well as some of the most deprived areas in the world. We also work with schools to provide extra help in cooking and nutrition classes and reading and maths support.

We work in conjunction with training providers to ensure our Apprenticeship offer is widely available and promoted throughout our business.

Bill Toner - CEO
19th June 2020