We believe food should taste good as well as feel good.

This festive season, our chefs and nutritionists bring the gift of joy on a plate and boosted sales, with comforting and indulgent, yet nutritious, recipes and menus that catch the eye, lift the festive spirit and pack maximum taste and flavour.

Our Comfort & Joy range captures the season (some say, the most wonderful time of the year!) with sweet treats and festive puds to healthy snacks, seasonal salads and hot hand-held dishes that delight with every bite.

All year round, we keep track of the positive effect healthier food choices have on our health, weight and wellbeing. We support the Department of Health’s drive to reduce salt, and we make it easier for people to make informed healthier choices in line with their personal goals through My Fitness Pal. Many of our dishes are available on there, from the heavenly to the indulgent, once our nutritionists have made sure each one is as healthy and tasty as possible.