Offering balanced menu options, reasonable portions and healthy
options to cater for customers’ needs.

Focusing on healthier alternatives:
• Nutrition training for all CH&CO chefs
• Recipe specification

Sugar reduction:
• Stevia introduced
• Top 3 coffee syrups are sugar free
• 75% of soft drinks meet 5g in 500ml target
• Child Obesity Plan – working to Government guidelines

Salt reduction:
• 50% of dishes below RDI for salt

• Nutrition assemblies and lesson plans
• Kitchen gardens and beehives
• Parent and child workshops to guide on healthier choices and encourage cooking
• Specially developed menus for medical conditions such as Diabetes and PKU

Inclusive menus:
• Allergens
• Vegan/vegetarian
• Religion/cultural

My Fitness Pal APP:
Our Grab&Go range is nutritionally paired with this popular lifestyle and fitness app so that
customers can monitor what they’re eating in-line with their fitness goals


Roll-out nutrition training for all 6,200 employees. Not just chefs. The pocket-sized online version gives basic nutrition training to every team member, so that they can also apply it in home life
Reduce sugar in soft drinks by 5%
Increase 500kcal recipe bank by more than 30%